Infinite Voxel World

For my graduation work in the third year of DAE I created a procedurally generated infinite voxel world in C++ in the Unreal Engine 4.

The voxels enable the player to change the world however (s)he sees fit. There are also biomes and different types of vegetation, that way the player can always see something new while exploring the world.


Everything is generated through the use of seeds, so if you change the seed a new world will be created.


The world is split up in chunks, that way the pc can render parts of the world without breaking itself on trying to create something infinite.

Everything is easily adjustable, that means I can easily change the generation to create worlds that have different prominent generation features. Such as elevation, vegetation, biome types and so on.


The following code snippit explains how I spawn a chunk.Screenshot_3

This was my first project with the UE4. At first I made a prototype in blueprints to get used to the engine, afterwards I made it in c++ for optimization reasons.

You can also read up on how I created everything in my Paper.