Project: Soulgate

IconSoulgate was made by 5 people. Trailer was made by Sybren Verheij.

3 Programmers: Kiam Vandendriessche, Brent Van Handenhove and me (Leander Simonart)

2 Artists: Sybren Verheij and Alexander Plettinx

I was responsible for the team management and the AI programming.

Team management consisted of making sure that the team stays on the right track time wise, communicating to everyone what he was responsible for and to make sure nobody fell behind. I was also the one that took a bit more responsibility if something went south and communicate to the team on what we should improve and focus.

Next to the team managing part I also implemented the AI. It was my first time working with AI in the UE4. We have turrets, a dog type, a humanoid type and a boss. They all have their own base class and their base classes are based on the AI base class. This made it easy to work with for the other programmers because if they want the player to interact with AI they just had to call it to the AI base class and that class handles the rest. The AI was made with the AI tree that the UE4 provides.


I used custom services to decide what the AI should do, custom tasks that set small booleans/values and those will then be used in the main class to perform the action that we want.

Those were my main two tasks but because of my leadership position I also had to help out with other tasks. A few exemples:

Level Dressing (models provided by Sybren Verheij)



Particles: Mainly the boss particles for the big attacks.

Various bugfixes in the entire project.